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Li Wang 1 Article
Botulinum Toxin Clinic-Based Epidemiologic Survey of Adults with Primary Dystonia in East China
Li Wang, Xingyue Hu, Chunfeng Liu, Yiwen Wu, Changqing Wang, Zhiqiang Wang, Jun Chen
J Mov Disord. 2012;5(1):9-13.
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Background and Purpose:

Primary focal or segmental dystonia is a rare clinical condition. The clinical features of dystonia have not been evaluated in China. We performed a study to investigate the epidemiology of primary dystonia and its clinical variants in an adult population.


A Botulinum Toxin Clinic-based study was conducted in the period 18 May through 8 October 2010 in East China. We identified 523 dystonia patients from the Movement disorders and Botulinum Toxin clinic Cases.


The most common focal dystonia were blepharospasm (59%), cervical dystonia (35%), limb dystonia (3%), oromandibular dystonia (2%) and laryngeal dystonia (1%). Males with primary dystonia were noted to have earlier age of onset. A female predominance was noted for most of the primary dystonias with a male to female ratio (M : F) ranging from 1 : 1.48 to 1 : 3.


The epidemiological features of dystonia in East China we collected were similar to the report in Japan which contrasts partly with that reported in Europe.

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